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All too often in our business, we are contacted by companies when their security systems have stopped functioning, their warranties have expired, and they are looking at an unexpected outlay of funds to install a replacement system. Typically the low bidder cuts corners when installing a system to keep their costs down, or has not performed proactive and predictive maintenance to ensure the system would run smoothly for years to come. Either way, the company faces the grim prospect of losing its initial security investment and taking a hit to its bottom line.

That’s where Tech Systems comes in. When an existing security system is in total disarray, we are here to help you protect your initial investment in the system. Our team of highly trained and certified specialists can remediate your system: get it back up and running better than before, saving you thousands or even millions of dollars in new design and installation costs.

For example, a major pharmaceutical company contacted Tech Systems after they were told by another national security integration company that they would have to spend $1 million to replace their security system. Tech Systems brought in a team of experts to correct their system’s issues, and was able to utilized much of their existing equipment, minimizing the need to replace major components of their existing system. Within a few days Tech Systems had significantly reduced the amount they needed to spend to get the system returned to its original state of functionality, resulting in a savings of more than $600,000.

Our team of knowledgeable experts is up to date on the very latest skills, technology and practices in our industry, and undergoes an ongoing series of evaluations to stay abreast of the newest trends and developments. Holding our team members to that high standard ensures that we are able to help you retain your investment in your existing security system.