F.O.C.U.S.™ Fusion Center

The cost of securing a facility is ever-increasing, particularly when using manned guards. At the same time, unnecessary response to alarms by staff or local authorities can be expensive. Building and staffing an on-site security command center is often prohibitive.

Tech Systems operates a UL Listed, TMA 5 Diamond Certified Monitoring Center that offers an interactive service to remotely monitor your security systems and respond to alarms and even system faults in a manner that can reduce cost and improve the overall performance of those systems. For instance, when a door forced open or door propped open alarm is received from your access control system, trained TSI monitoring specialists will immediately view any camera which is associated with that door, assess the cause of the alarm, and respond according to customized instructions that you provide.

We can perform remote video-based “patrols” or tours on a scheduled basis. This can reduce the cost of manned guarding. Our operators can even make live voice announcements to specific areas like parking decks or unmanned facilities, providing a proactive response.

Having TSI monitor your system is a true force multiplier providing rapid response to threats and ensuring that the system is operating and being used properly.

Some facilities use a combination of an electronic access control system and an intrusion alarm system to protect and control access to their facility. In select cases, TSI can also video verify intrusion system alarms. This allows our team to either act as the primary monitoring resource or as a backup a client’s existing monitoring service in cases where video verification of intrusion alarms is required prior to dispatch of local authorities.

Tech Systems’ F.O.C.U.S.™ Fusion Center has been providing 24/7 support for clients for several years, from centralized dispatch of service technicians to remote diagnostics to monitoring of access control and video surveillance systems. These services coincide with Tech Systems’ ISO-9001 Certified Quality Management System and ISO-27001 Information Security Management System.