There’s no environment quite like that of a hospital or healthcare facility.

  • Patients and visitors require an open and inviting environment as they are under stress and in physical discomfort
  • Doctors and clinicians require a secure, controllable environment without interfering with their ability to get to patients and resources
  • HIPAA demands protection of patient data and secured areas to house it
  • Pharmacies require quality video surveillance and access control to monitor activity and prevent unauthorized entry
  • The Emergency Department requires a way to manage chaos and provide processes and procedures to respond in case of an incident
  • The Birthing Department requires patient protection technologies and monitoring

We approach this complex security environment by first conducting a thorough risk assessment to identify the risks and vulnerabilities. This may be conducted by focusing on each department, facility type, or floor. Once the assessment has been completed, we will work with the appropriate members of the hospital staff to identify opportunities for improvement in the current technology, how the technology is being applied, and how the technology enhances their security program.

Often the hospital environment requires varying levels of protection based on the type of facility and work that is done there. We recognize the importance of allowing clinical staff to work efficiently while providing a safe, secure and code-compliant work environment. Patients and visitors need to feel welcomed, but not at the expense of safety. Managing traffic flow and allowing security to operate at a highly effective level requires seamless integrations between access control, video surveillance and other critical systems. These factors all play an important role in empowering security teams to monitor, respond and report as needed.